Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Organza & Jewelry

 I've been really diggin this new style of adding random fabrics to your jewelry. I LOVE FABRIC! So, of course I'm going to love them, right? Organza is a great fabric to add -  it's light weight and comes in so many colors.

I used sterling silver chain but any type of chain will do. If you have some old chains or necklaces, you can add them together to make this style of necklace.

I had a string of black onyx that I "obtained" from my mother! They've been in a drawer for the last 5 years, she wont miss them. The chain on the other hand, she was reluctant to give up. I cut some long pieces of organza and used beading string to put it all together.

Start by stringing the first half of the necklace. 

I accordioned the strip of organza and inserted the larger black onyx bead in the center, making sure to center the organza and the bead when stringing.

String it through and do it again!

Knot a ring to both ends. Double or tripple knot it. Make sure the ring is solid all the way around so the string won't slip out. If you use an open ring try super gluing it in place. If you get glue stuck to your hands, I will have a tutorial on how to remove it soon! ;)

Once you have the chain you want to use (I used two different types) lay it out on a flat surface with the ends even together. Use rings to attach the beaded section to the chain. Attach the second chain above that one. Be sure that they don't all hang at the same length!

I attached a bow on the side. I thought it was cute!!

I know you can't really see the black onyx part of the necklace, but it's there!

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