Monday, May 16, 2011

Here are some things I've done the past few months... Needless to say, I really love bunting. And Instagram. 

I was inspired to make this bunting from Blue Cricket Design. I used tulle, fabric, brown paper bags, eyelets, little paper flowers and ribbon. This was fun and easy and would totally make another one.

This wreathe I made a couple weeks ago. I ripped the fabric into strips and wrapped it around the styrofoam wreathe. The flowers are natural coffee filters cut into smaller circles and layered. I used a hot glue gun to secure the fabric in the back and burned the heck out of my finger! I think its time to get low temp glue gun!

These were some Easter egg candles I made that I didn't even get to use on Easter! Of course I forgot to bring them to my moms! Anyway, this idea is from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. I modified a little for lack of supplies, but they turned out cute.

MORE BUNTING!! See, I think its becoming a problem... I got these frames at wallmart for around $4 a piece and just placed 12 x 12 pieces of paper in them. Because I love paper, this was enough for me! I cut out triangles with matching paper for the bunting and sewed it all together.

These are the paper designs in the frames. My Mind's Eye has really cute paper!!

I made this for Valentines day but never quite finished it in time. I really like it so it's still hanging up. I cut the heart out of red leather and stitched it onto the stripped fabric. This was the frame that didn't stand up to the Command strips and came crashing to the floor. The glass didn't break, but the frame did. Gorilla glued it back together and tah-dahhh! Good as new... sorta.