Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ok, so I know it's not Halloween anymore, but I thought I would post this anyway!

I got a HUGE thing of glitter last month and was really excited to glitter something! So I downloaded one of the Martha Stewart Halloween sheets and printed them out.

I also had some press board from some old projects laying around. I traced the images with white charcoal so I could see the outline. I then took them to the band saw! So much easier then trying to cut the whole thing out with an Xacto knife or scissors.


Grab a spongy brush and some glue. This Tacky glue is SERIOUSLY TACKY! And that is a good thing! I love this glue!

Spread a generous amount of glue on the press board.

Sprinkle the glitter on and press it down. Then shift off the excess on to a sheet of paper or a paper plate. Something that is big enough to hold the extra glitter so you can reuse it.

Do one side at time and let it dry completely before you glitter the other side. I put wax paper down and used weights to flatten the glitter. 

I hung the cat on the chandelier and added black tulle bows at the top of each light.

Here are some other things I did for Halloween...

This was a huge piece of press board I had in the garage. I used a ceiling paint for the base coat and Velspar black for the bird and frame. I added a feather boa and tea lights to the mantel. (the tea lights were battery powered)

 For this banner I used black card stock, a few different prints or scrapbook paper, eyelets and ribbon.

I cut the edges of the black circles with scalloped scissors and glued the smaller circles on top. Then painted the letters on with black paint. I used a stencil and sponged on the paint. Punched two eyelets on each letter and weaved in the ribbon. I finished it off with thick tulle bows.

These were two small wine bottles. I removed the labels and added new "XXX" labels. I drenched them in tea water and burned the edges to give it an old/antiqued look.

Next up: Thanksgiving coffee filter wreath. (I hope)

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