Friday, August 5, 2011

High Chair Redo

I got this high chair back in February at an estate sale (also got a 60's Sears Roebuck sewing machine there.) With the two new babies in the family, we needed an extra high chair at Grammy and Papa's!! 

Isn't that vinyl lovely? I'm pretty sure it's from the 60's! The skirt was impossible to remove. Stapled in with huge staples, I had to pry them out! 

I decided not to remove the stain that was on the chair because I waited till the last minute to paint this (as usual). I painted around 5 coats with Killz primer and it still wasn't covering up the stain in some areas. Oh well, I was going to get this done before the party even if it killed me! I will probably end up stripping it and starting over someday. But for now, it's done!

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