Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ally!!

I asked my sister Amy if I could take over decorating and planning for my nieces first birthday party and she was more then happy to let me do that for her! I had a total of two weeks to plan, which was plenty of time for me. I was so inspired by this blog Kara's Party Ideas that I immediately started brain storming. First, I chose my colors. Pink, blue and yellow...

After creating the invitation, my sister printed them up real quick and got them in the mail.  The fist thing I created was the garland. Most tutorials out there use fabric, I used tissue paper to cut cost. I will post a tutorial on how I made those eventually, I promise. The pinwheels were next, and so much fun to create! I was able to use paper that I already had, and of course that made me happy! I did however buy matching die cuts on CLEARANCE at Michael's. To my defense they were only $1.99!

(this was up in the yard!)

(the large pinwheels went outside, around the yard.)

My parents yard looked great. They were worried that they wouldn't be able to get it up to par in two weeks, but they did! 

The candy was easy, really easy... I just had to find some cute bowls around the house to fill. My mom has so much stuff, you could probably turn her house into a store. Literally. 

Aren't those glass bowls cute?  The fruit pints I obtained during a berry picking trip with my BF. I found the lemon wedge tray from the 80's under a hutch! SCORE! :)  Here is everything put together. 

After I disbursed the decorations on this table I made a dessert display. My Sister-in-law Dawne makes the BEST cookies EVER (among other great treats). I am serious. My mom and I always fight over the leftovers, and what I end up taking home Tommy usually eats!! Needless to say, they are really delicious cookies. They are also available to purchase for events or even just to snack on!  

The treat bags were super fun, but I was told by Tommy that I needed lessons in treat bag making. Apparently not having noise makers or kazoos in the bag was a big mistake. I guess I had the parents in mind and didn't want them to go crazy with annoying noise makers!!! The bags had candy, a pen and note pad, silly bands, stretchy worms and more candy. Ok, well, maybe I lack in the treat bag department... but don't these bags look cute??

Here are some more pics for your enjoyment...


  1. It was even more amazing in person!

  2. Jeanne, you did an amazing job with the decorations, invitations and the photographs. Thanks again for everything you do!!! I love you!